What's going on in Dover?

OpenDover is a sophisticated webservice that allows you to extract the next generation semantic features within your blogs, content management systems, websites or other numerous applications.

OpenDover uses semantic technologies for sentiment tagging texts that you send to the service. Sentiment/emotion tags are returned to users for implementing in web applications, searches, blogs and so on.

As people's sentiment is becoming a leading factor in online (commercial) behavior, measuring the sentiment is of paramount importance. Evaluating content for opinions is a time-consuming effort, which can now be automated. Business strategists, visionaries and on-edge developers can now incorporate a whole new toolkit that will push the limits for online strategies in years to come.

How it works
You create the API key needed to connect to OpenDover. Your content is sent through a webservice to the OpenDover servers, that will quickly analyze and process your content using our semantic technologies. The content is sent back to you with sentiment tags and negative/positive appraisal of the whole document.

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