Open Dover is a webservice that allows you to add sentiment to any text, document, article, webpage - you name it. You can build any application and make it connect to Open Dover, the possibilities are limitless.

  • Add sentiment tags to your content in minutes
  • Java based webservice for cross-platform compatibility
  • Powerful servers ensuring fast return of semantic content
  • Unique knowledge base of opinion words, domain-related words and intensifiers extracted from hundreds of thousands of opinion-related texts;
  • diverse expression of opinion words/phrases: adjectives, nouns, verbs (both explicit and implicit);
  • Automatic recognition of context dependent and context independent opinion words;
  • Automatic disambiguation of opinion and domain-related words;
  • Representation of opinion and domain-related words in their relationship (i.e. “part of”, “kind of”, “association”);
  • Automatic recognition and categorization of texts;
  • Evaluation of an arbitrary text according to the recognized domains in the text


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